1) Who were you asked to pull it for in 64?
Richard Nixon
Kevin White
Ronald Pimentel
2) Who was the target on "Goose Kevin Day"?
Kevin Lynch
Kevin McDermott
Kevin Fleming
Kevin McCormack

3) What statement at the Foreign Student Exchange assembly, brought the house down?
25% of students participate in the program.
Australia is a long distance away.
The program benefits everyone.
Our goal is to send some Junior a broad!
4) What professional football player (Boston Patriots/NY Jets) was a gym teacher our senior year?
Ron Burton
Clyde Washington
Sherman Plunkett
Don Maynard

5) What was the favorite dining location for those "Skipping" out at lunchtime?
Hayes & Bickfords
Joe and Nemo's
The Tam
6) How long did Steve Perry have his "Vespa" before he "wiped out" on the train tracks in Clevland Circle, breaking his ankle?
Two hours.
Two days.
Two weeks.
Two years.

7) What famous figure was said to have never been seen, figuratively, in the same room, at the same time with Kevin McDermott?
Tip O'Neill
Abe Lincoln
Teddy Roosevelt